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The Meaning Behind Kahanu

Kahanu - An Ancient Hawaiian Meditation

The Kahanu symbol ushers waves of light into the body to remove blockages and to open up the circuitry, recharge your cells, and re-ignite your mana. While meditating on this symbol, imagine a source of light as brilliant as the sun hovering just above the symbol. In meditation, visualize the symbol descending to the crown chakra or the third eye along with the light which fills up your entire body

Light and Energy

Fatigue is self-generated either consciously or unconsciously because there is an infinite flow of energy all around you. Look at the ocean. The waves, even in the calmest conditions, are always in motion, because the hydrogen and oxygen molecules are constantly forming and reforming new patterns among themselves. Positive words, written or spoken, thoughts and even music will change the crystalline  formations. 

The Kahanu symbol like all ancient hunt symbols, is believed to shift consciousness and open up the electrical circuitry of the body so energy flow unceasingly.  


Kahanu also means breath and it is important before starting the meditation to employ the hunt breath work of Ha breathing, for at least 5 minutes. It is very simply done at any time and place. 

Take a breath through the nose to fully fill the lungs, and exhale through the mouth completely by saying "haaaaa."

If at any time, you start to feel light in the head, pause and let the moment pass.

Kahanu Expressed

Bear in mind that all life is perpetual motion. When you realize that you are responsible for your own level of energy, then you are not putting the blame on something external to you- work frustrations, money problems, family issues, or any number of excuses. When you do, you are actually diminishing your own power and your ability to renew your own mana. 

Recharge with the Kahanu symbol and always conduct your meditation with thanks and gratitude for the help provided  by the symbol. it is not the end, it is a means, and acknowledge the wise ones who have given you the gift of the symbol of light and breath. 


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