Is Yoga For Me?

Absolutely!!!  Yoga is for EVERYBODY, right where you are, right now!  Contrary to what you might have heard, you do not have to be a certain age, have a certain degree of flexibility, be at a certain fitness level or any other limiting category you might have put yourself into.  Yoga can and should be enjoyed by people at all levels.  One of the most beautiful aspects of a yoga practice is that it starts where you are today.  It is a constant flow of challenging and growing and learning and it doesn't take being a professional to get started.  

Always keep in mind that yoga is an individual discipline practiced in what is usually a group setting.  Because of this, in the various classes you will see people of different levels on their own yoga journeys.  Do not be intimidated by this.  Yoga poses look different on everyone.  Release your mind of how you "think" the poses should look.  Your journey of transformation will be unlike that same journey for another person.  Here, your journey is your own and it is not being judged.

Any by the way, yoga isn't just for women!  We encourage men to join all of our yoga classes!  You may find out that yoga isn't exactly what you thought it was and you might just feel yourself challenged beyond anything you though possible! 

How Do I Get Started?

The first thing you want to do is check out our class offerings and then you choose the classes, packages and options that are right for YOU.  Sign up online or in person (drops ins are welcome) or give us a call (832.843.6366).  Let us know if we can help answer any questions.  We are here to help you every step of the way!

What About My First Class?

We can all feel a little nervous when trying out something new.  Whether you are a new student trying out yoga for the first time or are an experienced yogi trying out a new studio and new instructors for the first time, there can always be an element of nerves associated with the unknown.  We are here to hep ease that anxiety and make your time with us amazing!


Here are some important details regarding yoga rules and etiquette:

1.  Please be on time and stay the entire time.  Our classes start on time and many times, for security reasons, the front door is locked during class.  If you are even a minute or so late, understand that you might show up to a locked door and will be unable to attend class.  If you MUST leave a class early, let your instructor know in advance and always plan on taking time for savasana (relaxation period) before you go.

2.  First time students should plan on being at the studio 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your first class.  This will give us time to get you checked in, paperwork signed, payment and to show you the room and answer any questions you might have and introduce you to your instructor.

3.  Clothing.  As far as what to wear, do not wear baggy clothes (they can be a distraction during certain poses and sweat drenched baggy sweat pants are NOT comfortable).  For heated yoga, consider shorts, leggings, tank tops, t-shirts  and sports bras.  Shirts are not required for male students.  We do not allow shoes on the floor so it does not matter what shoes you wear to the studio, we have cubbies for your things outside of the studio door.

4.  Do not eat just prior to coming to class.  Also, be sure to hydrate yourself during the day but do no chug a bottle of water just before class.  Your body needs a lot of water to function properly.  The more you sweat, the more water you need.  Trying to "catch up" on your hydration though will not work.  Acclimate your body to yoga faster by creating a practice of drinking water to stay hydrated at all times.

5.  Do not stare at the other practitioners but do utilize them to adjust your own form and to learn.  Resist the urge to compare yourself.  Your journey is your own.  Your instructor is there to help.

6.  Remain quiet during a yoga session.  Remember to turn all electronic devices off.  Vibrate mode is not considered "off".

7.  Let yourself sweat!  It's good for you and to be honest, wiping off sweat in a hot yoga class is a complete waste of energy.

8.  Whenever you can, bring your mind back to your breath.  Staying conscious of the calming effects, the flow of the movements, the strain of pushing yourself just a little harder and the awareness of what your body is telling you will maximize your transformation efforts.

9.  Don't push too hard.  Challenging yourself is a really good thing, but listen to your body and ensure you are not going beyond what it wants you to do.  Minimize the risk of injury by paying close attention to where you truly are in the process and remember, you should not feel pain in yoga.  EVER.

10.  Come prepared with:  a bottle of water, a yoga mat, a towel (especially for hot classes), an open mind and an open heart. 

 We have amazing low cost ways to try yoga out for yourself without making a large commitment.  Give us a try and we are sure that you will feel welcomed into our community and will completely lose the nerves by your second class.  Come give us a try! 

Is Yoga a Religion?

No, not at all.  Although some people feel very spiritual during their yoga practice, yoga is definitely NOT a religion and we, as teachers and staff, welcome everyone to join us.  No judgments.  No religious preaching.  Nobody is excluded.  And if we ever offer a class that is religious or spiritual based, we will be sure to clearly state that in the description so you can make an informed decision about whether or not that is the right class for you to take.

Do You Have Lockers?

We do not offer lockers and although we have never had a problem, we do encourage you to leave your valuables at home.  During class we either have front desk help available or the door is locked.  That said, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items and, since for security reasons, bags are not allowed in the studio room, we recommend you either lock your valuables in your car or choose to leave them at home.

Do You Have Showers?

We are a small, intimate studio that does not have showers on site.  We offer wipes and deodorant in the restroom to help you freshen up, but we do recommend giving yourself ample time to run home if a shower is needed after class and before your next appointment.