About Cristina

“I know of only one duty, and that is to love.” – Albert Camus

Since 2006, Cristina’s travels have taken her all over the world and yoga has always been with her. Whether in Venezuela, Hong Kong, or Colombia, her teachers have inspired her to open her heart to love and happiness. After returning to the states in 2015, she connected with the incredible instructors at Kahanu. They supported her practice as well as her decision to earn her own yoga certification in 2018.

For her, it was time to give back to the community that had done so much for her. Now she hopes to help others heal from everyday stresses, worries, and triggers. She wants to show her students how to connect to their own body, mind, and spirit so that they can spread their wings and face the day stronger and more grounded with love in their hearts.

She enjoys being in nature, going to the beach, reading, dancing, traveling, spending time with family & friends, and listening to music as well as playing her own crystal quartz bowls.

“Yoga truly fills my heart with so much love and light, I know my duty is to give back no matter what.”👐🏼💖👐🏼