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**Most classes are appropriate for everyone from the newest student to the most seasoned veteran.  Any exceptions are noted.

Proudly Serving Houston, Spring, Tomball & Cypress Texas

Classes & Schedules

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Daily Schedule
9:30am - Hatha - Warm - 75 min - Kendall
1:00pm - Gentle Flow - 60 min - No Heat - Sandra
6:15pm - Yoga with Meditation - 60 min - No Heat - Shamron
8:00pm - **Hot Candlelight Yoga with Meditation - Hot - 75 min - David
10:00am - **Vinyasa Flow with Meditation - Hot - 75 min - Diane
1:00pm - Yin - No Heat - 75 min - Jessica 
5:45pm - **Warm Vinyasa Flow - 50 min - Cristina
7:00pm - Flow Yoga - Warm - 75 min - Julie
 9:30am - Hatha - Warm - 75 min - Kendall
1:00pm - Gentle Flow - No Heat - 60 min - Sandra
6:15pm - Yoga with Meditation - No Heat - 60 min - Shamron
8:00pm - **Hot Candlelight Yoga with Meditation - Hot - 75 min - David
10:00am - **Vinyasa Flow with Meditation - Hot - 75 min - Diane
1:00pm - Yin - 75 min - No Heat - Jessica
5:45pm - **Warm Vinyasa Flow - 50 min - Cristina
7:00pm - Flow Yoga - Warm - 75 min - Julie

9:30am - Yoga with Meditation - Warm - 75 min - Shamron
1:00pm - Gentle Hatha - No Heat - 60 min - Gina
5:00pm - Flow Yoga - Warm - 75 min - Cristina

9:30am - Flow Yoga - Warm - 75 min - Cristina
11:00am - Cancelled for the month of June.  Stay tuned for details

11:00am - Cancelled for the month of June.  Stay tuned for details
5:00pm - Cancelled for the month of June.  Stay tuned for details

**Some experience helpful

Class Descriptions

First, let's talk about the heat:
  • "Hot" - The room is heated to a balmy 95+ degrees.  You'll sweat.  A LOT.  And while you're sweating, you will release toxins, you will decrease pain level and recovery time, you will reduce stress and while you're at it, you might even lose a little weight and decrease the appearance of cellulite...

  • "Warm" - During a warm class the room will be set at 85-88 degrees.  You'll still sweat (a LOT) and experience the same benefits as the hot classes but with a little less intensity.

  • "No Heat" - This means the room will maintain a temperature of approximately 75 degrees (sometimes higher depending on how many students are in the room) and isn't typically air conditioned...however, the heaters will not be turned on and the room will be cooled down before class starts.  This doesn't always mean it is going to be "easy"...it just means that the sweat you produce will be due to your own body getting a workout rather than our heaters making it happen for you.
And now for the types of yoga we offer and what that all means:

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa (pronounced "vin-yah-sah") is the Sanskrit word for "flow" and vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, moving practices.  With guidance from your instructor, you will smoothly transition from pose to pose.  No two vinyasa classes are the same as the teachers have complete freedom to adjust the class as needed based on current levels of the class.  Classes tend to be lively and fun, yet leave you feeling both relaxed and alert at the same time.


Hatha yoga is a generic term that refers to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures.  Hatha classes are perfect for those teachers who love to create their own classes and not abide by a set of specific poses in a specific order.  You will find yourself moving from pose to pose while focusing on your breath, mind, strength and balance.  You should leave class feeling long, strong and much more relaxed than when you first got here.

Happy Hatha is based on the Hatha style with a distinct focus on body image, acceptance and embracing the day rather than fighting it. Embracing it with a smile and a little laughter too!

Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to relax and restore tightened nerves and nervous energy.  Restorative classes us bolsters, blankets and blocks to assist students in relaxing in passive poses so that the body can experience yoga poses without exerting the effort.  These classes are fantastic for people with injuries or other physical limitations allowing everyone to experience the benefits of yoga, the balance of mind and body and the calming energy that comes from relaxation tuned with breath.  


Gentle Yoga

    Gentle yoga is a slower paced (though not as slow as Restorative) class that focuses more on gentle stretching, balance and breath while working towards proper alignment when in modified active poses.  This practice incorporates all styles of postures; everything from modified (with props) "active", to yin and restorative asanas.  EveryBODY from the everyday yogi who just craves a softer style, to practioners who are coming back to their practice after time away, to seniors, to those recovering from an injury will feel welcome here.


Yin & Yin Flow

Yin yoga is a quiet, meditative yoga practice that is also sometimes termed "taoist yoga".  Yin focuses on lengthening connective tissues and is meant to complement yang yoga (your muscle-forming classes).  Yin poses are passive allowing you to relax muscles and let gravity do the work.  Here at Kahanu, you'll see the yin class right after the sculpt class.  Consider taking both.  Sculpt to build you up, yin to help you repair.  With a Yin Flow class, you will experience something very similar, however, there will be a little more movement in a very gentle way.

Hot Yoga

    Instructor's Choice!  Come with an open mind and be ready for just about anything.  Hot Yoga allows the teacher to change it up each time.  When your teacher has complete creative freedom, anything can happen!  

Flow Yoga

 Beginners Welcome!  Flow in a gentle way.  You'll learn poses and techniques while still flowing through a gentle yoga class.  Instructors take the time to guide you through the practice while still allowing you space to move at your own pace with your own breath.  


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