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The Countless Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

For me, a regular yoga practice offered much needed relief for an aching back from a serious injury that happened many, many years ago.  

One day while out having fun with friends, I was in a parasailing accident and I broke my back in five places.  For years, I lived with chronic pain.  Chiropractors couldn't work on me and doctors offered not much more than pills to relieve the pain.  On my own, I discovered what a blessing implementing yoga into my daily life would be.  I never imagined I would one day own my own studio and would be able to share this life changing method of exercise with those around me.

Regular yoga practice in a class setting with qualified instructors offers many benefits even without a serious injury or pain.  To name just a few:
  • Teaches you to center yourself and encourages you to be able to cope with the reality of life.
  • Cleans the blood of waste material
  • Loosens muscles and joints
  • Increases blood flow
  • Builds bone and muscle strength
  • Increases flexibility and balance
  • Decreases blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Improves posture
  • Improves concentration, mood and memory
I welcome you to stop in and read or discuss more about the benefits of a yoga practice and experience it for yourself by taking a class with one of our expert instructors.  

Believe me, I never thought I would be able to do it (considering my back injury) but by taking it slow and dedicating to a regular practice, I have been able to accomplish so much and come so far.  Whether you are a very beginner and don't see this as being "you" or a novice who wants to expand and push their limits, you will benefit.  We have the right classes for all experience levels and strive to make everyone who enters our yoga studio feel comfortable and good about their own yoga journey.

Why Meditation?

I was hesitant at first with countless excuses as to why a regular meditation practice wasn’t for me.  I was too easily distracted.  My children and pets would never let it happen.   I was too busy, too tired, too wired, too…you name it, I had it.

One day I took a challenge to meditate for just a few minutes twice per day for 30 days.

At first, it wasn’t for me.  I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t sit still, my mind wandered (I actually thought more about how it wasn’t working than anything else).  But, I had accepted the challenge and I was not about to give up.  So I kept at it and kept at it and kept at it until one day I realized, it had changed my life.

Most days I no longer struggle with getting into a meditative state (although sometimes I still do) and each day seems to feel deeper and deeper and more and more powerful.  I feel healthy and balanced and clear.  I haven’t lost my high metabolism (it might even be higher) but I do have the ability to keep calm as I deal with my regular daily life no matter what the struggles.  I believe that can happen for each of you as well.  Practicing in mindfulness meditation has opened my whole world and created a much more balanced me.

Besides my own personal experience, there are many other benefits to a regular mediation practice such as lowered heart rate, increase in a general calmness, lower oxygen consumption, increased blood flow...the list goes on and on and on.  I invite you to come on in to Kahanu Yoga & Meditation Spa, read more about what others have to say and discover for yourself the life changing benefits of implementing your own practice in peace.  

Thank you for being here…

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